Officials across Europe are concerned that the consensus of support for Ukraine could collapse. Continent enters into "the harsh winter of rising food prices, lack of energy for heating homes and the real possibility of a recession". This writes CNN.

The next few months will be the most difficult for European countries since the beginning of the war, warns CNN. Citizens will feel the decline in living standards, and some will have to make a choice between heating and eating.

Many Western officials told CNN about his concerns that in some point, political leaders may decide that it is best to act as a mediator in the peace agreement and undermine the concept of Kiev on the withdrawal of Russian troops on the border.

In addition to energy issues, there are problems with the arms supply.

European officials fear that the Western strategy of arming the Ukrainians becomes "short-term solution to long-term problems: a war without a clear end."

"Most officials recognize that nobody knows what the outcome of this conflict", — stated in the material. Therefore, "the world is beginning to experience the fatigue of war," which comes to a standstill.

"In February, it was easy to join the anti-Putin support. But now the war is boring strategic stage. Less daily gains and losses and fewer opportunities for photos," said a senior NATO diplomat.

"The brutal truth is that over time, the talks with Putin will not worrisome in countries that do not have a common border with Russia and, frankly, do not see in Moscow is the sole cause of their problems," said the Agency.

Experts interviewed by CNN, believe that Zelensky should continue "PR-magic" and even harder to claim that "Ukraine is still making progress".

"As soon as people feel that Kiev is at a disadvantage, they may begin to ask why we continue to deliver expensive weapons to Ukraine during the economic crisis," the article says.

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